The world

Its upsetting, seeing all these unfortunate events happening around the world. I believe it affects almost everyone indirectly.

I just wish everything will be back to normal, and no more fighting, no more wars, no more religions hating each other, no more human error-ed disasters, no more pollution, no more corruption.

I still believe world peace is attainable and achievable, and i still believe in humanity. Why cant humans just set aside differences and just see each other as a person.?




Is it worth it

I had to rant about this ( i had a semi-rant on my dayre already haha) , a friend of mine asked me that day “do you think what you’re doing is worth it?”

it had me thinking a bit.

Sometimes i do get upset when people give me weird expressions and they ask me why cant i just NOT do it. Sigh, and they’ll tell me how they just spend their holidays enjoying life and as if im torturing myself willingly

well, i dont think these people will ever understand and i dont even bother explaining to them, but i know that what im doing, it will benefit me in the future, and one day, i’ll be glad and grateful i chose to do it. Anyway, right now in my shoes, i dont think i have the capacity to reject the offers, i can, but i dont want to because i need it to help out financially, i sure as hell wont wanna burden my parents, and seeing them work so hard for the past few years, just makes me want to strive further for ever.

i work for extra allowance, and people tell me wont Β that mean you have alot to use now? NO. i still spend the same way i used to, and yes i save up for my future.

this helps them and it helps me and it helps the children and teenagers i teach, so its a win-win situation to me.

So why not?

Its weird because while doing this job, i feel i like i somehow get to still hold on to school life and still know what’s going on in the highschool syllabuses. It’s enriching to me, and i just feel like teaching the kids, seeing them improve can be one of the most satisfying feelings ever.

yes it can be tiring and frustrating at times, and when my student(s) dont put their hearts in doing their work it does upset me but in the end, it will be worth it, and to answer your question my dear friend,

Yes, it is worth it to me. πŸ™‚



Fahrenheit 600

Anyone heard of the cafe named Fahrenheit 600? So i finally went there to try it out and for those who are finding a place with a nice ambiance, filling italian food, affordable weekday sets, this is really the place πŸ™‚

Its located at Publika, im not too sure which side of Ben’s it is but one of Ben’s sides are clearly visible at the entrance of this cafe heh

Anyways, their weekday lunch sets are affordable, for around rm 20 ( after tax and service charge ) they provide a main dish, a drink and dessert of your choice, its really worth it to me at least πŸ™‚

Picture time :3






Even if the set lunches are not to your taste, their ala cartes are at reasonable prices as well πŸ™‚ and its superrrr filling because of the pasta and pizza bread.

i’d love to go back to try the lasagna though πŸ™‚

So yeah, i’d give it a 4.5/5

good service, nice ambiance, really cool place to chill, awesome desserts, food’s delicious, and most importantly worth the price!



Nail Art 2 – Cool colours and Polka dots

Another attempt at nail art. i just used a dotting tool to dot them polka dots πŸ˜€


excuse the untidiness around the sides,it looks legit somehow haha.CYMERA_20140716_154715



Sadly, the polish started to peel for my first 3 fingers of each hand because i was always doing the dishes and other chores :/ Also i was using really cheap nail polish for the lavender colour, which explains alot.


It only lasted like 3-4 days, plus the thick layers make it easier to peel as well. I didnt really want to remove the polish on my ring finger and pinky because it was still beautifully in tact.


Hence, i borrowed this silky silvery blue colour from my sister :3 its called Alice Blue by Elianto and its a really nice colour.







The days when i work has easily taken over as the days i dislike the most in a week.

For now i dislike Saturdays and Mondays because those days are when i have lots of stuff to do. Work included.

Ever since a year or 2 ago, ive started disliking Saturdays alot because i had to do my job and i practically cannot do anything on saturdays in terms of Rotaract activities, trainings, anything interesting that would USUALLY fall on saturdays, i wouldnt be able to make it.Sadly.

But this is a job, and i need to be responsible. I feel bad having to reject so many things that fall on saturday mornings, especially rotaract activities as sometimes they really require my presence, but i just HAD to reject them, all of them.

However, i dont think i can avoid this for long, as i heard that there will be classes here and there soon later in degree that would fall on saturdays 😦 by then i would have to reschedule everything, and it will be a big fat mess..

It worries me sometimes, but i just hope and pray that those classes would be on saturday afternoons or nights even i dont mind, just please dont clash with my work :(( and also hope it would just be temporary…

I hate worrying about the future, but i always do.Who doesnt, right?

Mondays are okay, except for the fact that i have full day classes and i would have to rush home for a class. That makes me a bit.. frustrated. other than that, its fine.

In a nutshell, i do not hate my job, i just hate the timing, i wish i could have more time to do more activities that fall on saturday mornings.

sighh, i really hope i can see how am i coping in my future.

Hope there isnt much of a mess.




Tribute to a friend’s Pet

One of my buddies is having a hard time now, i believe her pet dog of 17 years is passing away any time soon.

I just hope everything is going well for her. Ive seen that dog numerous times everytime i go to her house, and i remember how ganas(fierce) it always was, haha..

He’s dear to her and her family and i know they’re going thru a hard time now.

Whenever it happens, i just pray that he will go in peace.

Honestly i dont know how to comfort them,but i really feel sad hearing about him.

So this is a tribute to her 17 year old dog, Duffy.

I hope everything will get better, and just take care of yourself, he will never leave you guys and i know that you guys loved him as much as he loved you guys.

Cheer up, girl! we’ll be here , always.



First day of Degree classes

Its the first day today, and im quite happy about starting new.

Its really a whole new feeling compared to last time in Pre-tertiary studies, the lecturers were great, and yes introductory to the whole course was quite boring, but i can foresee that the classes would be okay, especially for Public Law, ive got my eye on that subject.

It just so happens that my lecturer for Public Law sparked some English history facts and i managed to answer everything ( mel helped! :D) and i finally feel like all my hours used to watch history documentaries after SPM to kill time really wasnt to waste.

Ive always had a fond interest on History, particularly civilizations and European history. I probably got it from my mom, because since young she exposed me to news and stories about the late Princess Diana ( she was everyone’s inspiration back then ), about other royal families and also on encyclopedias.

Back then when technology wasnt as accessible as it is now with all these smartphones and laptops , and computer games, what we did during the holidays were just watching the TV and reading these encyclopedias.

It opens your mind, oh how times have changed and how we all just bury our heads in our laptops and smartphones these days.

Anyways, i can really some potential in this subject to be a subject for me, finally im REALLY interested something im doing, and i hope i can do well in that subject.

other than that, Mr Tan for Criminal Law is really hilarious. Just adorable, he laughs at his own jokes and he even acknowledges it.

haha im liking how this is turning out to be.Well, gotta be ready to buck up too!

Hope my instincts dont prove me wrong.