Sg trip 2014

 26/7/14 – 29/7/14

so im supposed to talk about my Singapore trip!

I believe this is probably like the 5th or 6th time i’ve visited Sg, i go there almost every year ( i think its every year consecutively for the past years ) well because its kind of a routine for my family. 

We usually go with other relatives.

This year the mood was casual, we’ve been to most of the tourist attractions before especially USS, the Merlion, Chinatown, Sentosa Island etc  So now we just focus on taking a break from our own country and just go to places we feel like going to.

Didnt do much on the first day.

We went to Orchard side the next day, kinokuniya, takashimaya, chinatown those so called ” hot spots” i guess


found these cute mini plushies in KinoCYMERA_20140727_113038CYMERA_20140727_145222

Behold, chinatown.

Oh we also went to Marina Bay later in the evening 😀


the view in the afternoon


The view at night


This was dinner, and how their Nasi Lemak looks like 😦 wished there was Sambal though.  


eheh, i like how their Slurpee cups have line Characters on them, SO ADORABLE!

On the third day we went to the Science Centre 🙂 it was my favourite place among all, because Science is always cool.

My lovely breakfast, which was delicious and quite affordable.


optical illusions in the science centre


haha saw this poster, SO CUTE. notice how the little sperm cell is giving the ovum a flower.

Didnt take much pics in the science centre though, just some private ones.

Anyways, that marks my Sg trip with my family and relatives, it was a good getaway,and if it werent for the high currency exchange rate, i wouldve bought more stuff, too bad though.



Is it worth it

I had to rant about this ( i had a semi-rant on my dayre already haha) , a friend of mine asked me that day “do you think what you’re doing is worth it?”

it had me thinking a bit.

Sometimes i do get upset when people give me weird expressions and they ask me why cant i just NOT do it. Sigh, and they’ll tell me how they just spend their holidays enjoying life and as if im torturing myself willingly

well, i dont think these people will ever understand and i dont even bother explaining to them, but i know that what im doing, it will benefit me in the future, and one day, i’ll be glad and grateful i chose to do it. Anyway, right now in my shoes, i dont think i have the capacity to reject the offers, i can, but i dont want to because i need it to help out financially, i sure as hell wont wanna burden my parents, and seeing them work so hard for the past few years, just makes me want to strive further for ever.

i work for extra allowance, and people tell me wont  that mean you have alot to use now? NO. i still spend the same way i used to, and yes i save up for my future.

this helps them and it helps me and it helps the children and teenagers i teach, so its a win-win situation to me.

So why not?

Its weird because while doing this job, i feel i like i somehow get to still hold on to school life and still know what’s going on in the highschool syllabuses. It’s enriching to me, and i just feel like teaching the kids, seeing them improve can be one of the most satisfying feelings ever.

yes it can be tiring and frustrating at times, and when my student(s) dont put their hearts in doing their work it does upset me but in the end, it will be worth it, and to answer your question my dear friend,

Yes, it is worth it to me. 🙂



Basic Chocolate cake

I had my highschool buds over the other day and months of not seeing each other. After lunch and all that, they came to my place to bake!

We wanted something simple, easy and tasty, so we decided on making just a simple chocolate cake.

I couldnt really find a recipe that satisfies all the ingredients that i have at home, so i decided to wing it by modifying the recipe from a simple vanille butter pound cake.


250g butter (2 sticks)
220g sugar
240g flour
4 eggs
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup of milk (sour cream ,yogurt or buttermilk will make it moist) – about 200ml-250ml
a pinch of salt

First, beat the butter and sugar into the mixer, add eggs one by one and also vanilla.
Then add all your dry ingredients in a bowl.
Mix in the dry ingredients into the butter mixture and alternate with milk.
Place in baking mould after its all combined.

Bake for 35 minutes at 170c or when you poke a toothpick in and it comes out clean.

this cake honestly tastes a little bit like twiggies, it doesnt take too long to make and it came out great 😀

we piped on some cream cheese icing and some chocolate ganache in the middle and it became this sinful monster>>>






Ola here we are with our ”creation” haha





Im taking things to a whole new level.

Lately, ive been really inspired, and im really happy about it. Its been a reallllyy long time since i’ve had such motivation, intriguing passion, and inspiration to do something that i really love.

its going to take about 2 months time and im still preparing for this.

Im not wanting it to instantly work, but im willing to try. Im just doing this out of the love i have for blogging.

So yes, after so long, i finally found what’s missing, the push that keeps me going is back. Not only am i motivated for this project, im slowly catching up in studying as well. ( like finally )

Then again, im pretty bummed out that im only starting this on a friday night, just 2 days before i go back to college for another 3 weeks. Ive pretty much wasted the past 2 and a half weeks doing almost nothing, just slacking around, playing with my phone and just being super unproductive.

But better late than never.

Step by step.



This is Me

  Hello readers,let me introduce myself.My name’s Kah Wei 🙂 I’m 18 years old this year and I’m from Malaysia.Im currently doing my A-levels in a Law school,planning to get my Law degree and all.

 I’ve been blogging since i was 13 and i have a blogger account.I absolutely love blogging and i’m the kind of person that loves colour,art and being expressive.

I’m really emotional and I do sports too,volleyball was my passion when i was in high school and i love to find inspiration in everything i do and the people around me.I love trying new things and i have a thing for colourful things ;D

I’m open to any philosopher’s theories and I do love reading about different cultures,traditions,clothings and history.I’m not an expert in any of those fields but i do enjoy reading about them.

My goal in life is to make full use of my days on earth and make the best out of everything,I procrastinate aaaloottt but once in a while i’ll get the drive to be really productive and i wish to do that often 😀

So,hope you readers would enjoy my blog and yeah 😀 especially those that know me in real life hahah

Have a nice day!