Deepavali Break

I hate this feeling on a Sunday night, after a long ,well-deserved break, because I really dont want to go back to reality.

Anyways, my life has been quite repetitive recently, and it just feels like I got nothing much to blog about, besides still trying to get through degree life, work, college, occasional mini outings with my family and yy, everything else pretty much feels stagnant.

Sometimes, its just because I dont have inspiration to write. Not like how i used to at least.

Well,Im just glad to have this one week break, much needed i must say, and the best part, Wednesday and Saturday were public holidays, which means no need for me too work on those days. It almost never happens this way.

I cleared my room, all my accessories, clothes, paperwork, etc and it made me feel great. Plus, my sister was also at home, which feels nostalgic because for the past 4 years+ We were rarely at home for holidays at the same time due to college.

I just had the time of my life, having some alone time, went out with yy, organizing most of my things, and just relaxing, I slept alot. I watched Scandal, as recommended by Melissa, and though the storyline is great and the drama is appealing, I couldnt continue watching it because I don’t ship the ”main couple” because its just so wrong on so many levels, and I find it really repulsive. I mean, i dont find it ”sweet” because EXCUSE ME, Sir you are married with 3 children, so please keep your pants zipped. And it was getting in the way of the main plot. Therefore i did not continue. I stopped at Season 2 lol.

Its a good show, I love so many characters, just not the relationship of those.

Okay before all the fans and shippers go berserk on me, let me just reiterate that I dont like it, and im not gonna continue watching it anymore, and this will be the last time im discussing it.

Moving on, guess I should stop here and go to bed, its 1240am now, and my body clock is messed up because of the unhealthy pattern i had this week.

sigh, so much to do after today, gotta catch up on my notes, start studying and MPU projects, and look! its November already. Where did all the time go anyway.Its halloween next week by the way. Movie night with siblings! 🙂

Lots of challenges ahead, and i just cant wait for this year to be over. Cause of some work reasons. I hope to hear a good answer and not what i imagine soon, Im relying on your promise. 😦 I hope you come back.

Up to fate.*crossing my fingers*



What’s going on

Aside from that, i guess i should also update on what’s going on lately.

well, degree’s fine, meet some new friends, getting used to the classes and knowing which to pay attention and which to not haha. Some Rotaract activities going on lately, and im making an effort to try my best in contributing as much as i can. ( hopefully it all works out ) Also being alert of how i need to step up and actually make an effort to study already, because i really cant afford to slack for degree, i wanna do good.

Got my textbooks from UK that day, meaning no excuses for anything about not studying etc, and there was a hassle of having an error and stuff but im glad it’s resolved right now.

My work has been fine, getting used to it as well and maybe trying to enjoy it sometimes.

Learnt a new principle – IDGAF principle which works out well most of the time. credits to Sureene and Flocho for this amazing concept haha.

i recently got a second piercing and it’s been alittle bit.. nasty because of all the infections and pus coming out here and there, its stabilizing soon now 😀 I did it behind my mom’s back actually, but she noticed it the other day and didnt comment much about it. ( phewww because i thought she would flip out )

So yeah, fixed routine, classes classes, work work and week in week out time just goes by like that, just like water. And i guess it would be like that for the next 3 years for me.

Gotta save up for lots of things at the moment. Which is not a bad thing but there’s quite a number of commitments so.. gotta tie the belt around the waist tighter for all these commitments!

and yeah, that’s basically what i’ve been up to lately. At one point i didnt blogged anywhere at all, but im coming back again. my dayre

just a heads up, i plan to blog on some craft reviews and maybe even some crafts or recipes 😀 cant wait for that.

meanwhile im just trying to complete all my notes from classes so that i can actually sort things out well.


I quite like my job

To be honest, i quite like my job, i like what im doing and i really like my way of teaching my students.

I work part time as a tuition teacher to 2 girls, one in form 1 and the other in form 2. It sounds like a big task at first, and in the beginning i wasnt very sure if i can do it well..

Nonetheless, i pulled through and thanks to my mom who helped me get the job, im not regretting it at all.

I teach maths to the girl in form 1 and BM and english to the girl in form 2.

Im not going to lie but i really put alot of effort in these jobs, i researched, find resources, and basically put myself in their shoes thinking,”if i were a student, how will i want a teacher to teach me?” and so i worked hard as well. I fight for my students, and i realized i actually quite like teaching them.

I wasnt a super-smart-straight-As student when i was their age, but i know i definitely tried my best for everything, especially in languages and math, i was quite good at those subjects.

The pay for my job is quite good, and always always, i tried my very best to give back to my students as to what they deserve, ” information and skills” Im really not afraid to passed down everything i know to them, or even for them to surpass me. To me if that happens, it will only meant that i succeeded as a teacher.

The most rewarded part of my job isnt the pay, its when my students come and tell me ” Teacher! i improved in my test!” and ” Teacher i jumped from a D to a B after your classes”..

These are the things that made me super proud and wanna fight for them even more.

And although its not all flowers and butterflies, in the end, i gotta admit, i quite love what i do.I really hope i can continue teaching them for as long as i can, and i also dont mind more teaching more students.

For more Inquiries do email me : cheongkw95@gmail.com 🙂