Rough Times

Turbulence, turbulence everywhere at the moment.

One way or another, it was bad, everything around seems to be falling apart and it really tested my endurance and patience.

It kept happening , issue after issue, there would be obstacles, big or small.

For some reason, it was just so tense, and i just feel so damn stressed, almost to my breaking point. Everything just wouldn’t go right.

It annoyed it to a certain extend, and i should really work on stress management.

This had been the most challenging time in my life. It wasn’t like THE most tensed up, craziest, thing that happened, but it was just so many issues all happening at one time, and the magnitude became massive.

It really hurts, it does. And this has never happened before, i couldnt even get myself to express it much because i worry too damn much about it.

But now, even though it is not all solved yet, im just so thankful that things are getting better now. I feel like it’s a test or something, you know those annoying things that life throws at you in the face and asks you to solve it. yeah.

But through the process, i’ve learnt alot. And that’s all that matters i guess.

Hoping for better days ahead. I. Can. Do. This.


What’s going on

Aside from that, i guess i should also update on what’s going on lately.

well, degree’s fine, meet some new friends, getting used to the classes and knowing which to pay attention and which to not haha. Some Rotaract activities going on lately, and im making an effort to try my best in contributing as much as i can. ( hopefully it all works out ) Also being alert of how i need to step up and actually make an effort to study already, because i really cant afford to slack for degree, i wanna do good.

Got my textbooks from UK that day, meaning no excuses for anything about not studying etc, and there was a hassle of having an error and stuff but im glad it’s resolved right now.

My work has been fine, getting used to it as well and maybe trying to enjoy it sometimes.

Learnt a new principle – IDGAF principle which works out well most of the time. credits to Sureene and Flocho for this amazing concept haha.

i recently got a second piercing and it’s been alittle bit.. nasty because of all the infections and pus coming out here and there, its stabilizing soon now πŸ˜€ I did it behind my mom’s back actually, but she noticed it the other day and didnt comment much about it. ( phewww because i thought she would flip out )

So yeah, fixed routine, classes classes, work work and week in week out time just goes by like that, just like water. And i guess it would be like that for the next 3 years for me.

Gotta save up for lots of things at the moment. Which is not a bad thing but there’s quite a number of commitments so.. gotta tie the belt around the waist tighter for all these commitments!

and yeah, that’s basically what i’ve been up to lately. At one point i didnt blogged anywhere at all, but im coming back again. my dayre

just a heads up, i plan to blog on some craft reviews and maybe even some crafts or recipes πŸ˜€ cant wait for that.

meanwhile im just trying to complete all my notes from classes so that i can actually sort things out well.


Is it worth it

I had to rant about this ( i had a semi-rant on my dayre already haha) , a friend of mine asked me that day “do you think what you’re doing is worth it?”

it had me thinking a bit.

Sometimes i do get upset when people give me weird expressions and they ask me why cant i just NOT do it. Sigh, and they’ll tell me how they just spend their holidays enjoying life and as if im torturing myself willingly

well, i dont think these people will ever understand and i dont even bother explaining to them, but i know that what im doing, it will benefit me in the future, and one day, i’ll be glad and grateful i chose to do it. Anyway, right now in my shoes, i dont think i have the capacity to reject the offers, i can, but i dont want to because i need it to help out financially, i sure as hell wont wanna burden my parents, and seeing them work so hard for the past few years, just makes me want to strive further for ever.

i work for extra allowance, and people tell me wont Β that mean you have alot to use now? NO. i still spend the same way i used to, and yes i save up for my future.

this helps them and it helps me and it helps the children and teenagers i teach, so its a win-win situation to me.

So why not?

Its weird because while doing this job, i feel i like i somehow get to still hold on to school life and still know what’s going on in the highschool syllabuses. It’s enriching to me, and i just feel like teaching the kids, seeing them improve can be one of the most satisfying feelings ever.

yes it can be tiring and frustrating at times, and when my student(s) dont put their hearts in doing their work it does upset me but in the end, it will be worth it, and to answer your question my dear friend,

Yes, it is worth it to me. πŸ™‚




We were all born to die, we just dont know when.

Days ago, one of our country’s most prominent and heroic figure had passed on. To be honest, i do not know him personally, nor do i follow his cases alot, but i know for a fact i’ve been hearing his name all my life. He has always been one of my father’s favourite politicians.

After hearing about his passing,(Β and also not forgetting his loyal assistant ) I started reading about them. No doubt, he was an amazing person. Yes, it is a truly lost for our nation, a loop hole that can never be fully covered, but looking back at all the deeds he has done, this man has lived a fruitful life. For all he has done, i can only say that his parents has raised him to be what a person should be.

Im just a teenager, still doing my A-levels, planning to pursue a law degree, im definitely not actively involved in the politics of my country, but i do know whats happening, and what we,as the people are fighting for.

This man is an inspiration to all, a true definition of a Malaysian, a man with principles, one of a kind.

His legacy will carry on, and as a law student, he shall be an inspiration to me.

Thank you Sir Karpal Singh, for serving this lifetime, Your deeds will never be forgotten, and thank you for fighting for justice.


What now?

Here I am, blogging on a tuesday morning, woke up not long ago, just laying in bed, and sigh i wish my classes was a little less packed at times. I managed to skip business class this morning because i needed that extra rest.. Im currently in the midst of clearing up my flu. So yeah..

Anyway.. Its the 3rd week of January and i’ve been to Penang for the District Rotaract Conference, performed at my college’s grand convocation, stayed back in college until the skies were pitch black, went to outings with my family and right now im in the process of the 1st assessment of A2.

I guess these things that occupied my time really made time passed by faster, its not a bad thing really, since im eager to get over A-levels, but then again, thinking about it, you just wish time will stand still at times. Im not ready to grow up.

Ignoring some negative energy and glitches that happened at the start of 2014, this few weeks had been quite pleasant.

The Penang trip was simply amazing, though i was super reluctant at first, the people there were really friendly and i enjoyed my time there, my group managed to get 2nd place for the games which really made it a bonus for me. I met lots of new friends, and this really made me want to stay in Rotaract, but judging from my timetable, im still reconsidering.

Convocation was also good, it was a great experience, being able to perform on stage again, i had a small solo part haha and it was fun overall, we got to see new sides of alot of people, and yeah, the dressing up and makeup part was a new experience to me.

This assessment however, was terrible, i was NOT ready at all, and so far, law papers were over, leaving Accounting and Business for later this week, and surprise surprise, i got sick so conveniently that i decided not to sit for law papers. With my parents’ consent of course.

It was just a test, not even counted, even if i sat for the paper, my marks would be 100% single digit, so what for wasted those 3 hours. I just came home after accounting class at 2pm and straight away went to nap on til 7pm, at the same time curing my flu and fever. I couldnt get my brain to function for a test. No way.. not this time..

However, this assessment really made me realize that i need to step up on my studies, since soon it will be Chinese New Year, and then it would be like February, and just some classes then it would be like almost a month of study break and BOOM it will be May where A2 exams will start.

So thats really something i plan to work on, from now, especially after this week…

AS results will be coming out in a few days.. and im not really nervous to be honest.. I just hope i pass, and get through without any obstructions that could have been avoided. I know i tried my best, and i also hope for the best. I dont expect much, but i just hope it will be an average of B.. hopefully..

on a side note, accounting is really making me miserable.. though im doing Law, and this is another subject for my Alevels, it really makes my feel like im studying to be an accountant more.. which really sucks. Not sure if its because of the subject or lecturer emphasizing so much on it. Accounting is just not my thing.. and i quite regret taking this subject.

BUT i have to go on.. just a few more months and i will be free of it πŸ˜€ just 4 more months or so.. cant wait for that.

As of now, im just looking forward to the upcoming Chinese New Year, meeting up with high school buddies, perhaps better allowances for February, Β AS results by the end of this week, studying hard for A2, and still reconsidering about continuing Rotaract.

Lets just hope it all goes well, GOTTA WORK!


Looking back at 2013

This shall be my post that everyone has about the previous year and all. Lets go!

2013, was the year i turned 18. I started college this year and its like a whole new chapter in my life. It was a big change, transitioning from being a high school student that depends on my parents for everything from transport to lunch and strict school rules to the college life where everything was more flexible and all..

Even so, im still a child in my parents eyes.. And somehow, i still depend on them, but its just very different how things work now.

So yeah, this year couldve been great, but i think i chose the wrong subject in A levels… Β :< and it made me dread going to college on many days..

On the side note, this year, i finally got my smart phone, I also got my driver’s license, I rekindled my love for maple story, and also i joined the Rotaract club in my college.

Also, i’ve learned alot about public transport and places around KL ( though im still not too good at it) its still some progress.. I definitely made alot of new friends since im in college and im glad to say i found a bunch that i can really rely on πŸ™‚

Im happy that i’ve occupied my time quite well this year as theres never really time to just slack and do nothing. There’s always something to do!

I baked alot this year, especially with yeeyong and we finally went on a date. Like after soo long. And he took me out for dinner for my birthday, and speaking of birthdays, my college mates really surprised me with dominos on that day πŸ™‚

Rotaract had been quite good to me as well, and i attended the installation dinner and the company was great.

I started teaching tuition this year, and it really helped me financially for extra allowances and all.

I went through the first half my A levels and i think i tried my very best to do so, and no matter the result, i shall be content because i really worked hard for it. No worries as long as i can pass and move on really.

I also went to Hong Kong , which was my first time going somewhere overseas and besides SG πŸ˜€

so yeah thats pretty much it with 2013, but i must say the best period of 2013 was the last 2 weeks of it, that was the time i enjoyed the mosttt throughout the year πŸ˜‰

Throughout, i try to ignore the bad sides of this year but it there was a rating bar where i can rate this year compared to the last 18 years of my life, i would give it a 5.5/10.

Some days are tough to go by, but i guess its important on how to take it. Just appreciate what you have, and try to occupy yourself in any way possible.

the only things i regret about this year is the fact that i couldnt make it for my exhighschool’s IU day , the mooncake festival, meeting up with my primary school mates, and also i couldnt make a surprise birthday dinner for yeeyong 😦 and of course the taking accounting for A-levels..

I tried to watch 50 movies in 2013 but only managed to watch 36 hahaha and i only read 2 books when i planned to read 10… oops

Anyways, thats 2013 to me, and for 2014, i really looked forward to it at first, because i thought there was a new student, but they decided to pull away at the very last minute.. which made me sad a little because i was really looking forward to it.

SOO yeah.. and it happened on the 2nd day of the year.. i just hope that as this chance goes by, there will be better ones waiting for me.

As for now, what i look forward for this year (2014) is for everyone to be happy, and for my AS results which will be out in a few weeks to have an average of B/C grades, and also the upcoming Penang rotaract trip.. Other things are yet to come so thats my hopes for now.

All the best to me and to everyone..

till then, Jia you!



Already Gone

I got the title from one of Kelly Clarkson’s song.

Recently there have been many sad events happening amongst my friends and from time to time these things happen but how long will it take for us to remember how vulnerable and fragile life actually is before we carry on with our lives as usual again,moving on?

I was at my college’s music club meeting that day and a senior was performing this song with so much effort and soul,it made me tear up.

Because the song was so appropriate, as one of our close friends had lost someone very dear to her.By the way,the song selection was a total coincidence.

My friend lost a part of her life and childhood,and a family lost a father,a husband, a brother and an uncle.He was ill,and he was quite young.

And just yesterday,my boy lost his cousin,also due to sickness,he was still in college.

Though i do not know these people that passed,the way their presence affected their close ones who are close to others,its really at large.

The sadness kicks in as long as you have a heart.The solemnness spreads like wildfire and before long,it will fade,and people will move on.

What im trying to say is that,life is so so petty, as how William Shakespear said in his poem Life’s Brief Candle,

“Life’s but a walking shadows, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more; it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.”
You’ll never know how and when you’re going to die,or even the people around you.Things just happen unexpectedly,out of the blue,without preparation.
But that;s just life right? after all,we were all born to die one day.We just dont know when.
I want to send a message here, Appreciate every moment,or at least try to.Appreciate your loved ones,be a good person,be the best you can,Life is full of chances, its okay to fall,utilize everything you have, remember people,dont forget them,and hopefully we will not be forgotten..
Do whatever you have to do,before its too late.
To my dear friends who are going through a hard time,and to their relatives, I send my regards to you all, stay strong, and i hope you will get through it as a family.