What’s going on

Aside from that, i guess i should also update on what’s going on lately.

well, degree’s fine, meet some new friends, getting used to the classes and knowing which to pay attention and which to not haha. Some Rotaract activities going on lately, and im making an effort to try my best in contributing as much as i can. ( hopefully it all works out ) Also being alert of how i need to step up and actually make an effort to study already, because i really cant afford to slack for degree, i wanna do good.

Got my textbooks from UK that day, meaning no excuses for anything about not studying etc, and there was a hassle of having an error and stuff but im glad it’s resolved right now.

My work has been fine, getting used to it as well and maybe trying to enjoy it sometimes.

Learnt a new principle – IDGAF principle which works out well most of the time. credits to Sureene and Flocho for this amazing concept haha.

i recently got a second piercing and it’s been alittle bit.. nasty because of all the infections and pus coming out here and there, its stabilizing soon now πŸ˜€ I did it behind my mom’s back actually, but she noticed it the other day and didnt comment much about it. ( phewww because i thought she would flip out )

So yeah, fixed routine, classes classes, work work and week in week out time just goes by like that, just like water. And i guess it would be like that for the next 3 years for me.

Gotta save up for lots of things at the moment. Which is not a bad thing but there’s quite a number of commitments so.. gotta tie the belt around the waist tighter for all these commitments!

and yeah, that’s basically what i’ve been up to lately. At one point i didnt blogged anywhere at all, but im coming back again. my dayre

just a heads up, i plan to blog on some craft reviews and maybe even some crafts or recipes πŸ˜€ cant wait for that.

meanwhile im just trying to complete all my notes from classes so that i can actually sort things out well.


Nail Art 4 – Strawberries

Was watching some nail art videos on youtube the other day and i got inspired by this something similar to what i did here πŸ™‚

Strawberries πŸ˜€ im quite proud of the results this time because for once its so clean and legit and looked somewhat professional.

Its surprisingly simple to do and this time i used my mom’s topcoat which is from Faceshop i think, and i put on like 2 generous coats and it really stayed on for 3 weeks close to a month!

If not for vigorous dish-washing and water related chores i bet it could last longer.

Anyways the red i used is from Sasa and the rest is just cheap nail polish i got near Petaling street that time.

But what’s important isnt the quality of the colour ( well 70% of the time it is ) but what im trying to say is that as long as you have good top coat, your nail art designs would last a whole lot longer .



Credits to Sureene for taking these pictures for me in college haha, it was quite hard to get a good shot.


The Future I Choose for myself

From a very young age ,almost all of us have been pressured by our parents to be someone successful in the future right? i mean that’s at least what i’ve been through almost all my life.Go to school,study hard do well in exams,get them scholarships,(or at least try to) go to college,get a degree,choose a profession,graduate (with the square hat and robe lol) and there~ we will live a somewhat ”comfortable” life right?

Anyways,I didnt do too bad during my government school days,up until highschool, i always tried to keep it up,though i got involved in like some sports and busy with art club this and that,in the end,it all comes down to those final exam results that my parents would keep track on.so yea.

At the moment,im waiting for my SPM results.while it comes out in March 20+,my parents decided to send me to college in January haha.well thats what alot of parents do anyway.

As i mentioned before ( i think) i Β chose the path to get my Law degree at ATC college so at the moment im taking my alevels there πŸ™‚ but before deciding surely about this,i had soooo many different choices haha.Looking back it still shocks me a little,so many paths and sometimes i think what would had happened if i choose the other path.

So.in the beginning of my form 5 days i had NO IDEA what i wanted to do.For a long time ( not including the ambitions i had when i was a kid ahaha i meant those serious ones),i just thought of doing accounting because it’s a profession,and my cousin is a professional accountant and it has a good salary.So i thought i would do that too.and also not to mention the fees to study the course is really cheap compared to science courses.

Being in a science stream gives me a misinterpretion that oohh after form 5 we HAVE to be doing science related or math related course.well i was wrong.so very wrong.

i had that misconception all my high school life and though i had set my mind on accounting,i was not eager to do it.it was just a sorta forceful answer just to have a ”secure” future.there was no spark and i didnt thought it was really a big deal.

But around October onwards,my mindset changed.after getting advice from seniors,experienced relatives,my Β add math teacher and my school art teacher,i knew accounting was bullshit for me.ahaha

my art teacher insisted i do design related because she said i was talented in art.but i knew my mother wouldnt allow it.But at one point i was really serious about it.hahah i remembered how when i was younger i would write in every friend’s biography book that i want to be a fashion designer LOL.and i thought Β hmm since im so passionate about art and fashion,why not?

I confronted my mother and guess what.. ahaha obviously its a solid NO.hahah though it was the heat of the moment that i wanted to switch from accounting to fashion.I guess what my mom said was through after thinking about it.I would need to be really creative at all times ( i dont create works at times i WANT it just comes naturally) and it will be stressful because there WILL BE people better than you at so many levels.and yeah i can always set up my own label after i’ve accomplished being a professional. as much as i wanted fashion,i had to agree with my mom.

so its now accounting >fashion>accounting.

i thought fine.. it will be accounting again i guess… reluctantly..

and then during my SPM,i went to see my accountant cousin and he told me NOT to.because its very stressful especially for me being a girl and all.and i remembered what my addmaths teacher Mr Ter told me.he said the similiar thing.My cousin suggested me to be a Lawyer,but immediately i said no lol. because of the misconception that Law is all memorizing and history..

but i still went home and thought about it.

I mean i should definitely listen to people who are much more experienced that me right?i mean there was no doubt that i could trust their advices they’re adults i trusted.

so after some research,and lots of thinking.i decided to do law.this time i was sure πŸ™‚ and i had the eagerness inside.just what i was looking for.so i told my parents about it and they were quite happy about it. YEAY

Thinking about my highschool days.i was a really outspoken girl;and in one occasion i was wrongly accused and humiliated in front of my parents,close friends and also some teachers.i will NOT forget that..they pressured us to admit it and it was really unfair.there was no proof.and i was afraid therefore i made a mistake and i admitted it.

damn i got into so much trouble.hahaha

but its over now and im moving on though it still hurts me at times thinking about it.but it gives me motivation to continue to be a lawyer and stand up for myself and for clients.Im going to make up for my mistake of being afraid and bullied.And also i’ve always been a fan of Law and Order SVU,and i really loved the things the DA Casey does.I admire her and she inspires me more to do law.Therefore i am certain about it.thinking that i’ll be doing something Casey does in the future gets me excited at times too πŸ˜€

I will win in the end.

hopefully it will get it off my chest for good.Im determined.

so that’s how i got into law schoo πŸ™‚ heh long story huh?since its decided im going to make sure i do well and dont screw up.Im quite sure Law will be more suitable for me than accounting.and Fashion will wait for me in the future πŸ™‚

Thank heavens for leading me into this path πŸ™‚ all the challenges and thinking,im quite amazed it would lead to this great thing

This is the future i chose for myself and i will fulfill it no matter what.LOOK OUT WORLD πŸ˜€

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