Nail Art 4 – Strawberries

Was watching some nail art videos on youtube the other day and i got inspired by this something similar to what i did here 🙂

Strawberries 😀 im quite proud of the results this time because for once its so clean and legit and looked somewhat professional.

Its surprisingly simple to do and this time i used my mom’s topcoat which is from Faceshop i think, and i put on like 2 generous coats and it really stayed on for 3 weeks close to a month!

If not for vigorous dish-washing and water related chores i bet it could last longer.

Anyways the red i used is from Sasa and the rest is just cheap nail polish i got near Petaling street that time.

But what’s important isnt the quality of the colour ( well 70% of the time it is ) but what im trying to say is that as long as you have good top coat, your nail art designs would last a whole lot longer .



Credits to Sureene for taking these pictures for me in college haha, it was quite hard to get a good shot.


Moving on

Moving on, i finally get to fully concentrate on degree and everything else that makes me happy.

right now, i feel that i need to change some perspectives in my life. Though i really wish i could have a getaway all to myself or maybe with 1 or 2 buddies to soul search and look for the meaning in life or some sort like that, perhaps to even just calm my nerves and think about what i really want to achieve in life, its just impossible for me to do so at this moment.

Well, all i can do is make use of what has been given to me.

Its mid-week and next week onwards, most colleges will start again, including for yy and my sister, and i also realize that most of my friends have already started college these 2 weeks again as well. Everyone’s gonna be busy bees.

Just as i wanted to blog about how August is already here, August is already ending.Can you believe how fast time flies?

And in no time, i’ll be done with 1st year degree, and the 2nd and the 3rd then CLP, and its work work work. It can be said its a good thing that time passes fast because sometimes you just want it to be done and over with.The most important thing is as long as we cherish the moments and experiences in between, any journey regardless of length or period will be worth while.

Thanks to some friends, i’ve been learning alot about myself and what i really want to achieve in my life. Sometimes we can come up with rash decisions, which can be really burdensome to the people around you, and the desire for it is so tenacious, just because you dont want to be left behind among your peers. 

After a long consideration and lots of thinking, i realized, i dont actually want that, all i wanted was just to ”fit in” whereas im already perfectly doing so. And there are no boundaries to other options that may be much more suited to you WITHOUT the burden of the people around you, especially your parents.

Therefore, my advice is that you sit down or even before you sleep, just give yourself a pat on your back and think, Yes i can be whoever i choose to be, without needing to have what others do. Just go with the flow and never force things upon commence.

try your best in everything.

No harm wishing for it though, if you get it in the end. good for you, if you dont, dont beat yourself up for it, there WILL be other options.

Back to the update, well, last week has been a tiring week for me, time passes much faster when classes start, maybe its because of the journey to college and back. I dont know. But its does feel faster.

For now, Im motivated to do more things, concentrate on my studies, read more novels, draw, learn new words,my work, editing, Rotaract activties, Hence i might have nothing much to blog about since it may seem repetitive.

Yes i am thankful for everything i have now..

Sometimes i wish there’s an automatic system in my brain that checklists everything i have to do and have not yet done and also alerts me about deadlines.

Too bad, for now i have to use my trusty old notebook!

Good luck in degree and college to all my peers.



Alevels results

Officially done with Alevels because i got my results yesterday, To be honest im not very happy with the end result.

Sigh, i was expecting 1A1B1D ( D for accounting that i threw away). But in fact i got BBD instead. Law was fine, Accounting was spot on but Business.. MY BUSINESS. I thought i could get through, since i got a solid A for AS.

But sigh, what’s done is done,im still regretting not taking another subject instead of Accounting, i know i couldve done much better if i were to take say, English Literature or even Economics.

Not in this lifetime i supposed.

Its hard to get over it but now im finally going to face it, and let it go. I hate how every important exams i would always always be one A short of my goal. DAMNNN

It sucks, i feel like God is testing me. And i notice i will never get something without working my ass off.

Is this what you’re trying to teach me? dear enlightened one? if so, i will accept my fate.

i know some people might say that im being irrational for i meet the requirement easily to do my degree but this is just my personal goal. for myself.

No point looking backwards now eh? gotta move forward, so now i can officially say that im doing my LLB now. 

gonna work hard for this one, i will definitely achieve what i aim for this time, NO MORE ONE A SHORT.

Also, Congratulations to all my friends, especially those to did well 🙂 



Sg trip 2014

 26/7/14 – 29/7/14

so im supposed to talk about my Singapore trip!

I believe this is probably like the 5th or 6th time i’ve visited Sg, i go there almost every year ( i think its every year consecutively for the past years ) well because its kind of a routine for my family. 

We usually go with other relatives.

This year the mood was casual, we’ve been to most of the tourist attractions before especially USS, the Merlion, Chinatown, Sentosa Island etc  So now we just focus on taking a break from our own country and just go to places we feel like going to.

Didnt do much on the first day.

We went to Orchard side the next day, kinokuniya, takashimaya, chinatown those so called ” hot spots” i guess


found these cute mini plushies in KinoCYMERA_20140727_113038CYMERA_20140727_145222

Behold, chinatown.

Oh we also went to Marina Bay later in the evening 😀


the view in the afternoon


The view at night


This was dinner, and how their Nasi Lemak looks like 😦 wished there was Sambal though.  


eheh, i like how their Slurpee cups have line Characters on them, SO ADORABLE!

On the third day we went to the Science Centre 🙂 it was my favourite place among all, because Science is always cool.

My lovely breakfast, which was delicious and quite affordable.


optical illusions in the science centre


haha saw this poster, SO CUTE. notice how the little sperm cell is giving the ovum a flower.

Didnt take much pics in the science centre though, just some private ones.

Anyways, that marks my Sg trip with my family and relatives, it was a good getaway,and if it werent for the high currency exchange rate, i wouldve bought more stuff, too bad though.



Nail Art 3 – Tangy Orange

I noticed i didnt really have a matte orange nail colour in my collection, and so i got one!

My intention was to find a pastel-ish softer orange colour but when i was at Elianto ( they had a sale on their nail polishes that time ) those on sale we were limited in colour. Hence i only managed to pick something closest.

This colour is indeed orange-y at most times, but its closer to red and in my opinion its quite nice.However im still finding the pastel orange-y colour to add to my collection

rarely seeing people using this colour.
CYMERA_20140727_215749 CYMERA_20140727_215705

Also, i added a small touch to my ring finger so that it doesnt become TOO obnoxious by using a soft peachy pink colour and a red heart shape on top 🙂



This nail colour lasted me for a good 2 weeks ( could even be a longer time but i removed it after 2 weeks and it was still in quite good condition ) and maybe because its new, but it lasted somehow longer than my usual nail colours.



Busy Raya break

Missing in action for more than 2 weeks

But im back now 🙂

anyways it all started from the week before the Hari Raya holidays, i was busy scanning stuff for my mom whilst packing last minute for my trip to Singapore.

And after the trip it was just me having to teach for 4 days consecutively, back to back for one of my student’s replacements, which kinda tired me out a little.

Also, i met up with Ky and Qn again for lunch and snacks,it was a bit spontaneous, and oh i went to the book fair in KLCC as well, and then it was my Grandmother’s birthday celebration after that. 

Thus, how i spent my past 2 weeks.And Now, its back to normal classes in college and yeah secretarial work for my mom again.

Had so many fun adventures that i can share here 🙂 



The world

Its upsetting, seeing all these unfortunate events happening around the world. I believe it affects almost everyone indirectly.

I just wish everything will be back to normal, and no more fighting, no more wars, no more religions hating each other, no more human error-ed disasters, no more pollution, no more corruption.

I still believe world peace is attainable and achievable, and i still believe in humanity. Why cant humans just set aside differences and just see each other as a person.?