Nail Art 5 – Mild Peach

Had a hiatus for doing any nail art after the strawberries. For some reason it usually happens after 3-4 rounds of Nail art haha, I get lazy. Anyway, I decided to go for something simpler and just plain-ish.

This colour is from Elianto.




Nail Art 4 – Strawberries

Was watching some nail art videos on youtube the other day and i got inspired by this something similar to what i did here 🙂

Strawberries 😀 im quite proud of the results this time because for once its so clean and legit and looked somewhat professional.

Its surprisingly simple to do and this time i used my mom’s topcoat which is from Faceshop i think, and i put on like 2 generous coats and it really stayed on for 3 weeks close to a month!

If not for vigorous dish-washing and water related chores i bet it could last longer.

Anyways the red i used is from Sasa and the rest is just cheap nail polish i got near Petaling street that time.

But what’s important isnt the quality of the colour ( well 70% of the time it is ) but what im trying to say is that as long as you have good top coat, your nail art designs would last a whole lot longer .



Credits to Sureene for taking these pictures for me in college haha, it was quite hard to get a good shot.


Nail Art 3 – Tangy Orange

I noticed i didnt really have a matte orange nail colour in my collection, and so i got one!

My intention was to find a pastel-ish softer orange colour but when i was at Elianto ( they had a sale on their nail polishes that time ) those on sale we were limited in colour. Hence i only managed to pick something closest.

This colour is indeed orange-y at most times, but its closer to red and in my opinion its quite nice.However im still finding the pastel orange-y colour to add to my collection

rarely seeing people using this colour.
CYMERA_20140727_215749 CYMERA_20140727_215705

Also, i added a small touch to my ring finger so that it doesnt become TOO obnoxious by using a soft peachy pink colour and a red heart shape on top 🙂



This nail colour lasted me for a good 2 weeks ( could even be a longer time but i removed it after 2 weeks and it was still in quite good condition ) and maybe because its new, but it lasted somehow longer than my usual nail colours.



Nail Art 2 – Cool colours and Polka dots

Another attempt at nail art. i just used a dotting tool to dot them polka dots 😀


excuse the untidiness around the sides,it looks legit somehow haha.CYMERA_20140716_154715



Sadly, the polish started to peel for my first 3 fingers of each hand because i was always doing the dishes and other chores :/ Also i was using really cheap nail polish for the lavender colour, which explains alot.


It only lasted like 3-4 days, plus the thick layers make it easier to peel as well. I didnt really want to remove the polish on my ring finger and pinky because it was still beautifully in tact.


Hence, i borrowed this silky silvery blue colour from my sister :3 its called Alice Blue by Elianto and its a really nice colour.