Alevels results

Officially done with Alevels because i got my results yesterday, To be honest im not very happy with the end result.

Sigh, i was expecting 1A1B1D ( D for accounting that i threw away). But in fact i got BBD instead. Law was fine, Accounting was spot on but Business.. MY BUSINESS. I thought i could get through, since i got a solid A for AS.

But sigh, what’s done is done,im still regretting not taking another subject instead of Accounting, i know i couldve done much better if i were to take say, English Literature or even Economics.

Not in this lifetime i supposed.

Its hard to get over it but now im finally going to face it, and let it go. I hate how every important exams i would always always be one A short of my goal. DAMNNN

It sucks, i feel like God is testing me. And i notice i will never get something without working my ass off.

Is this what you’re trying to teach me? dear enlightened one? if so, i will accept my fate.

i know some people might say that im being irrational for i meet the requirement easily to do my degree but this is just my personal goal. for myself.

No point looking backwards now eh? gotta move forward, so now i can officially say that im doing my LLB now. 

gonna work hard for this one, i will definitely achieve what i aim for this time, NO MORE ONE A SHORT.

Also, Congratulations to all my friends, especially those to did well 🙂 



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