Nail Art 3 – Tangy Orange

I noticed i didnt really have a matte orange nail colour in my collection, and so i got one!

My intention was to find a pastel-ish softer orange colour but when i was at Elianto ( they had a sale on their nail polishes that time ) those on sale we were limited in colour. Hence i only managed to pick something closest.

This colour is indeed orange-y at most times, but its closer to red and in my opinion its quite nice.However im still finding the pastel orange-y colour to add to my collection

rarely seeing people using this colour.
CYMERA_20140727_215749 CYMERA_20140727_215705

Also, i added a small touch to my ring finger so that it doesnt become TOO obnoxious by using a soft peachy pink colour and a red heart shape on top 🙂



This nail colour lasted me for a good 2 weeks ( could even be a longer time but i removed it after 2 weeks and it was still in quite good condition ) and maybe because its new, but it lasted somehow longer than my usual nail colours.



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