Tribute to a friend’s Pet

One of my buddies is having a hard time now, i believe her pet dog of 17 years is passing away any time soon.

I just hope everything is going well for her. Ive seen that dog numerous times everytime i go to her house, and i remember how ganas(fierce) it always was, haha..

He’s dear to her and her family and i know they’re going thru a hard time now.

Whenever it happens, i just pray that he will go in peace.

Honestly i dont know how to comfort them,but i really feel sad hearing about him.

So this is a tribute to her 17 year old dog, Duffy.

I hope everything will get better, and just take care of yourself, he will never leave you guys and i know that you guys loved him as much as he loved you guys.

Cheer up, girl! we’ll be here , always.



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