First day of Degree classes

Its the first day today, and im quite happy about starting new.

Its really a whole new feeling compared to last time in Pre-tertiary studies, the lecturers were great, and yes introductory to the whole course was quite boring, but i can foresee that the classes would be okay, especially for Public Law, ive got my eye on that subject.

It just so happens that my lecturer for Public Law sparked some English history facts and i managed to answer everything ( mel helped! :D) and i finally feel like all my hours used to watch history documentaries after SPM to kill time really wasnt to waste.

Ive always had a fond interest on History, particularly civilizations and European history. I probably got it from my mom, because since young she exposed me to news and stories about the late Princess Diana ( she was everyone’s inspiration back then ), about other royal families and also on encyclopedias.

Back then when technology wasnt as accessible as it is now with all these smartphones and laptops , and computer games, what we did during the holidays were just watching the TV and reading these encyclopedias.

It opens your mind, oh how times have changed and how we all just bury our heads in our laptops and smartphones these days.

Anyways, i can really some potential in this subject to be a subject for me, finally im REALLY interested something im doing, and i hope i can do well in that subject.

other than that, Mr Tan for Criminal Law is really hilarious. Just adorable, he laughs at his own jokes and he even acknowledges it.

haha im liking how this is turning out to be.Well, gotta be ready to buck up too!

Hope my instincts dont prove me wrong.


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