Degree begins

Im officially starting my degree tomorrow and ughhhhh im sooo not excited.. besides the fact that i get to see my buds again, other than that, please just give me back my sleep 😦

Time passed by fast, i was JUST getting into the holiday mood and BOOM COLLEGE AGAIN.

I feel so sad right now.. Just 3 weeks plus after my Alevels and i gotta start on degree already. I dont like this..

Seriously regretting starting my course in July now instead of September, WE HAD AN OPTION. But my close friends decided on starting earlier at first, so i registered considerably early,if not one of the earliest ones to, and when they decide they might want to start in Sept, it was too late for me to change, so i kinda made them ”keep their word”

Poor Su and I were so reluctant to start early but due to other factors,( parents) we had to start early anyway.

Im not used to the schedule anymore, im not nervous just reluctant, because trainrides during rush hours are just crayyyy

Especially during the Ramadhan month,(which is now)so everyone would be rushing home at that time.

and the FOOD around my college aint that nice either, and some are not always available, its a daily dilemma.( at least to us )

Other than that, meh, i dont know if i should feel happy or sad about starting degree already.

Pros are : least a little motivation to do something instead of lazing around the house all day?
2.get to see my college friends again! :DD
3.more discipline in my life i suppose ( waking up early )
4.somewhat more ”occupied”

Cons are :

1.not really in the mood to make new friends…
2.waking up earlyy (i dont like it )
3.train rides during rush hours ( craayyyyy)
4.well.. textbooks?
5.enduring classes
6.lesser available days to go out with friends ( it slowly reduces further near exams)

I just had to make the cons more hehe. But perhaps i shouldnt feel so miserable, contrasting with the pros, also the fact that i get to have an education.

Will be able to adjust back soon, right now my bodyclock is quite messed up.

Anyways, at least i can look forward to other things, like rotaract club activities, seeing my friends, plus i still have a few outings to go! and also starting early means classes are more leisure!

at least i get some off days in between for now, unlike during alevels ughh..

so yeah, here’s to going back to college to start my degree, and other better things.



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