Its been a few weeks but im back. Its July now, oops.

So ive been up to quite a few things after my papers, and whenever i have time to sit down in front of my laptop ( which isnt alot of time) i just cant find the mood to start blogging. But now i finally got my ass up to do it!

these few weeks after exams were quite bittersweet for me, i went to quite a number of outings and also Taylor Swift’s concert here in malaysia šŸ™‚ , spending time with my family, and a very interesting role i play for quite a while – being Secretary Kw.

yep, i had to help my mom with scanning and editing , you know those kind of paper work. It was just scanning for a good 5-7 days for me, and all i did at home was that, it’s a little depressing but then again, since im the only ”available child” at home at the moment, i had no excuse . Plus its better than doing chores šŸ˜€ win!

Im still in progress of editing though, long hours, cutting , pasting, adjusting, can be very straining for the eyes.

Anyways, im still having somewhat of a holiday mode for another 2 weeks i can say, although my degree classes start coming monday, i only have monday classes for now, and still some outings to go to šŸ™‚

I’ve also decided to rejoin the Rotaract club of my college šŸ™‚ it was a tough decision that i initially decline to continue. But after lots of consideration, ive decided to stay as a board of director, it just felt right and also some personal reasons.

By the end of all my ”leisure times” i will post ( with pictures) on what i’ve been up to after Alevels šŸ™‚



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