Hello my dear readers and friends, yes ive been MIA for a few weeks.

But i assure you, i will be back around mid- June. Well, as you all know, Alevels finals are currently commencing, in fact ive already sat for one paper 2 days ago, and im currently preparing for the following 4 more papers being spread out in 3 weeks.

Its not going to be easy, but after this, im finally moving on to the next stage.

I cant wait, and in a mere less than 30 days, i would be progressing with all my plans and doing all the things in my things-to-do-after-exams list.

They’re movies to be watched, crafts to be made, projects to be done, friends to be met up with et cetera.

SO yes, i will be back soon, in the meantime, good luck and all the best to all my friends taking Alevels and also to all of you who are currently sitting for your final exams or midterms. 🙂