We were all born to die, we just dont know when.

Days ago, one of our country’s most prominent and heroic figure had passed on. To be honest, i do not know him personally, nor do i follow his cases alot, but i know for a fact i’ve been hearing his name all my life. He has always been one of my father’s favourite politicians.

After hearing about his passing,( and also not forgetting his loyal assistant ) I started reading about them. No doubt, he was an amazing person. Yes, it is a truly lost for our nation, a loop hole that can never be fully covered, but looking back at all the deeds he has done, this man has lived a fruitful life. For all he has done, i can only say that his parents has raised him to be what a person should be.

Im just a teenager, still doing my A-levels, planning to pursue a law degree, im definitely not actively involved in the politics of my country, but i do know whats happening, and what we,as the people are fighting for.

This man is an inspiration to all, a true definition of a Malaysian, a man with principles, one of a kind.

His legacy will carry on, and as a law student, he shall be an inspiration to me.

Thank you Sir Karpal Singh, for serving this lifetime, Your deeds will never be forgotten, and thank you for fighting for justice.


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