I quite like my job

To be honest, i quite like my job, i like what im doing and i really like my way of teaching my students.

I work part time as a tuition teacher to 2 girls, one in form 1 and the other in form 2. It sounds like a big task at first, and in the beginning i wasnt very sure if i can do it well..

Nonetheless, i pulled through and thanks to my mom who helped me get the job, im not regretting it at all.

I teach maths to the girl in form 1 and BM and english to the girl in form 2.

Im not going to lie but i really put alot of effort in these jobs, i researched, find resources, and basically put myself in their shoes thinking,”if i were a student, how will i want a teacher to teach me?” and so i worked hard as well. I fight for my students, and i realized i actually quite like teaching them.

I wasnt a super-smart-straight-As student when i was their age, but i know i definitely tried my best for everything, especially in languages and math, i was quite good at those subjects.

The pay for my job is quite good, and always always, i tried my very best to give back to my students as to what they deserve, ” information and skills” Im really not afraid to passed down everything i know to them, or even for them to surpass me. To me if that happens, it will only meant that i succeeded as a teacher.

The most rewarded part of my job isnt the pay, its when my students come and tell me ” Teacher! i improved in my test!” and ” Teacher i jumped from a D to a B after your classes”..

These are the things that made me super proud and wanna fight for them even more.

And although its not all flowers and butterflies, in the end, i gotta admit, i quite love what i do.I really hope i can continue teaching them for as long as i can, and i also dont mind more teaching more students.

For more Inquiries do email me : cheongkw95@gmail.com 🙂



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