Cant wait for this period to be over

I absolutely hate Revision periods in my college.. like ABSOLUTELY.

So this week was our first revision week and theres 2 more weeks to go. Im not sure what is it that i resent so much, is it the way teachers teach? or is it the people around me? or is it just college itself.

But thankfully this week, we had a new Law lecturer who reminded us of Marshall from HIMYM strikingly. He’s really good and his notes are just so structured. He reminded us of Miss Shanti’s brother haha, they resemble each other so much!

Anyways, thats basically how my whole week was, classes, classes, classes and work. End of week.OHH also, i forgot to mention how accounts was.. our class was extended for almost an hour, and its probably gonna be like this for the whole revision period. SO EXCITED.

Cant wait for this whole thing to end, but theres like 2 more months to endure before everything is over. For now i gotta get through 2 more weeks first..




Also, here’s a picture of the cake i made with my sister yesterday yea huu!


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