Brownie Mosaic Cheesecake


ImageDoesnt this picture just spell “Cheesecake”?

So my sister and I decided to try out this Brownie Mosaic Cheesecake based on the recipe here :


While my sister was teaching her piano lessons, i was preparing the cheesecake base already, its basically like any normal cheesecake ( biscuit based ones). First you crush the chocolate cookies,which i did using a blender instead of a the crushing with a bowling pin method because its much faster. ( i gave up halfway  with it lol )


ImageAnd after that, i just mixed the salt, sugar, cookie crumbs, and butter into the pan and pressed it in the pan and i placed it in the fridge for 2 hours.


Meanwhile, it was time to make the brownie chunks!

Its basically just butter, chocolate, eggs, vanilla, a little salt and flour.

The really good thing about this brownie recipe is that not only is it easy to make, it doesnt require any electric mixer. Did i mention it tastes really gooddddd as well?:D


After it comes out of the oven we had to cut them into 1 inch cubes heheh

Cheese filling:

oh yes my favourite part, the cream cheeseeee… So we creamed the cheese , sugar , vanilla, whip cream and eggs all together before folding the brownie chunks into the mixture 😀



ImageIn the process


After! such a beautiful thing, cant wait to taste it! For now we’re just waiting for it to cool down before placing it into the fridge and i cant wait to feast on it tomorrow morning!

We also made Chocolate Ganache which i didnt take a picture of it because it was messy and i realized i had to remove the pan before putting it in.. which i didnt do yet..

Hope this tastes well! 😀

For the full recipe, click here  🙂


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