Well, as you can see, Shit’s about to get real. When these magical sharpies appear, you know that there’s notes to be done, and also one thing, STUDY.

I’m pretty happy now that my engine has started running, i was suddenly motivated, and really inspired not only to study, but to do something about my life. Previously i had this thought about how my life is so stagnant and not creative at all. I used to do so much art and projects in high school and now that im in college, it all went stale.

Finally I found this urge and push and i said to myself ” im gonna make my time worth while.”

Its about damn time now isnt it?

Anyways, so yes im going to continue doing what i have to do, and i’ll be working hard for my final A2 exams in May from now on. All the best to me and my mates!


Looks about right! Its amazing what inspiration and motivation can do to the productivity of a person.

Loving it.



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