Im taking things to a whole new level.

Lately, ive been really inspired, and im really happy about it. Its been a reallllyy long time since i’ve had such motivation, intriguing passion, and inspiration to do something that i really love.

its going to take about 2 months time and im still preparing for this.

Im not wanting it to instantly work, but im willing to try. Im just doing this out of the love i have for blogging.

So yes, after so long, i finally found what’s missing, the push that keeps me going is back. Not only am i motivated for this project, im slowly catching up in studying as well. ( like finally )

Then again, im pretty bummed out that im only starting this on a friday night, just 2 days before i go back to college for another 3 weeks. Ive pretty much wasted the past 2 and a half weeks doing almost nothing, just slacking around, playing with my phone and just being super unproductive.

But better late than never.

Step by step.



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