We were all born to die, we just dont know when.

Days ago, one of our country’s most prominent and heroic figure had passed on. To be honest, i do not know him personally, nor do i follow his cases alot, but i know for a fact i’ve been hearing his name all my life. He has always been one of my father’s favourite politicians.

After hearing about his passing,( and also not forgetting his loyal assistant ) I started reading about them. No doubt, he was an amazing person. Yes, it is a truly lost for our nation, a loop hole that can never be fully covered, but looking back at all the deeds he has done, this man has lived a fruitful life. For all he has done, i can only say that his parents has raised him to be what a person should be.

Im just a teenager, still doing my A-levels, planning to pursue a law degree, im definitely not actively involved in the politics of my country, but i do know whats happening, and what we,as the people are fighting for.

This man is an inspiration to all, a true definition of a Malaysian, a man with principles, one of a kind.

His legacy will carry on, and as a law student, he shall be an inspiration to me.

Thank you Sir Karpal Singh, for serving this lifetime, Your deeds will never be forgotten, and thank you for fighting for justice.


Marble cake

Im pretty sure everyone has eaten a marble cake before haven’t they? SO this is my take on how its made. Well, i made it this time mainly because i got a request from my cousin. Hence why im baking again.

I didnt follow any recipe in particular, just good old butter /pound cake recipe formulas from my mom.:D

Ingredients :

  • 250g Butter (2 sticks)
  • 200g sugar(1 cup)
  • 220g flour
  • 10g baking powder(2 teaspoons)
  • 20g milk powder(1 1/4 tablespoons)
  • 100ml milk
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla essence
  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

Well before everything, put all your dry ingredients in a bowl, and prepare lining your cake pans or cupcake papers.Preheat your oven as well.



As seen in this picture, the first step was to cream together or beat the butter, sugar until its fluffy, Then add in eggs one at a time + your vanilla essence.



Then fold in some of the flour and milk, the repeat until batter is smooth and everything is added. if your batter isnt smooth add more milk a little at a time.

the perfect consistency is achieved when the batter is able to fall off your spatula like honey.

After that, separate them to 2 bowls to a ratio of 3:1. The one with smaller portion is the chocolate part, and here put in the cocoa powder and add a little milk to keep the consistency.

Then just put the plain batter into your moulds and scoop in little puddles of chocolate.



Use a toothpick to swirl around the to make patterns, and just bake them for 15-20 minutes ( cupcake ) and 45 -50 minutes ( cake ) Image

Look at them in the oven. hehe




yeah, this square one is going to my cousin, who requested me to make them ahaha.

Anyways, i really enjoyed this baking session and the cake turned out soo yummy. its super simple to make and the balance on how all the ingredients measurements are somewhat parallel makes it good.

I also realized a trick, i kinda left the batter in the electric mixer for quite awhile after adding in the eggs and this made the batter really really smooth! It was somewhat accidental, or unintentional but it made the cake 10x smoother and tastier.( in my opinion) so do let it mix for a while 🙂

What a sunday to bake such lovely cakes, cant wait to remake this again 😀



I quite like my job

To be honest, i quite like my job, i like what im doing and i really like my way of teaching my students.

I work part time as a tuition teacher to 2 girls, one in form 1 and the other in form 2. It sounds like a big task at first, and in the beginning i wasnt very sure if i can do it well..

Nonetheless, i pulled through and thanks to my mom who helped me get the job, im not regretting it at all.

I teach maths to the girl in form 1 and BM and english to the girl in form 2.

Im not going to lie but i really put alot of effort in these jobs, i researched, find resources, and basically put myself in their shoes thinking,”if i were a student, how will i want a teacher to teach me?” and so i worked hard as well. I fight for my students, and i realized i actually quite like teaching them.

I wasnt a super-smart-straight-As student when i was their age, but i know i definitely tried my best for everything, especially in languages and math, i was quite good at those subjects.

The pay for my job is quite good, and always always, i tried my very best to give back to my students as to what they deserve, ” information and skills” Im really not afraid to passed down everything i know to them, or even for them to surpass me. To me if that happens, it will only meant that i succeeded as a teacher.

The most rewarded part of my job isnt the pay, its when my students come and tell me ” Teacher! i improved in my test!” and ” Teacher i jumped from a D to a B after your classes”..

These are the things that made me super proud and wanna fight for them even more.

And although its not all flowers and butterflies, in the end, i gotta admit, i quite love what i do.I really hope i can continue teaching them for as long as i can, and i also dont mind more teaching more students.

For more Inquiries do email me : cheongkw95@gmail.com 🙂



Cant wait for this period to be over

I absolutely hate Revision periods in my college.. like ABSOLUTELY.

So this week was our first revision week and theres 2 more weeks to go. Im not sure what is it that i resent so much, is it the way teachers teach? or is it the people around me? or is it just college itself.

But thankfully this week, we had a new Law lecturer who reminded us of Marshall from HIMYM strikingly. He’s really good and his notes are just so structured. He reminded us of Miss Shanti’s brother haha, they resemble each other so much!

Anyways, thats basically how my whole week was, classes, classes, classes and work. End of week.OHH also, i forgot to mention how accounts was.. our class was extended for almost an hour, and its probably gonna be like this for the whole revision period. SO EXCITED.

Cant wait for this whole thing to end, but theres like 2 more months to endure before everything is over. For now i gotta get through 2 more weeks first..




Also, here’s a picture of the cake i made with my sister yesterday yea huu!


Brownie Mosaic Cheesecake


ImageDoesnt this picture just spell “Cheesecake”?

So my sister and I decided to try out this Brownie Mosaic Cheesecake based on the recipe here :



While my sister was teaching her piano lessons, i was preparing the cheesecake base already, its basically like any normal cheesecake ( biscuit based ones). First you crush the chocolate cookies,which i did using a blender instead of a the crushing with a bowling pin method because its much faster. ( i gave up halfway  with it lol )


ImageAnd after that, i just mixed the salt, sugar, cookie crumbs, and butter into the pan and pressed it in the pan and i placed it in the fridge for 2 hours.


Meanwhile, it was time to make the brownie chunks!

Its basically just butter, chocolate, eggs, vanilla, a little salt and flour.

The really good thing about this brownie recipe is that not only is it easy to make, it doesnt require any electric mixer. Did i mention it tastes really gooddddd as well?:D


After it comes out of the oven we had to cut them into 1 inch cubes heheh

Cheese filling:

oh yes my favourite part, the cream cheeseeee… So we creamed the cheese , sugar , vanilla, whip cream and eggs all together before folding the brownie chunks into the mixture 😀



ImageIn the process


After! such a beautiful thing, cant wait to taste it! For now we’re just waiting for it to cool down before placing it into the fridge and i cant wait to feast on it tomorrow morning!

We also made Chocolate Ganache which i didnt take a picture of it because it was messy and i realized i had to remove the pan before putting it in.. which i didnt do yet..

Hope this tastes well! 😀

For the full recipe, click here  🙂





Well, as you can see, Shit’s about to get real. When these magical sharpies appear, you know that there’s notes to be done, and also one thing, STUDY.

I’m pretty happy now that my engine has started running, i was suddenly motivated, and really inspired not only to study, but to do something about my life. Previously i had this thought about how my life is so stagnant and not creative at all. I used to do so much art and projects in high school and now that im in college, it all went stale.

Finally I found this urge and push and i said to myself ” im gonna make my time worth while.”

Its about damn time now isnt it?

Anyways, so yes im going to continue doing what i have to do, and i’ll be working hard for my final A2 exams in May from now on. All the best to me and my mates!


Looks about right! Its amazing what inspiration and motivation can do to the productivity of a person.

Loving it.




Im taking things to a whole new level.

Lately, ive been really inspired, and im really happy about it. Its been a reallllyy long time since i’ve had such motivation, intriguing passion, and inspiration to do something that i really love.

its going to take about 2 months time and im still preparing for this.

Im not wanting it to instantly work, but im willing to try. Im just doing this out of the love i have for blogging.

So yes, after so long, i finally found what’s missing, the push that keeps me going is back. Not only am i motivated for this project, im slowly catching up in studying as well. ( like finally )

Then again, im pretty bummed out that im only starting this on a friday night, just 2 days before i go back to college for another 3 weeks. Ive pretty much wasted the past 2 and a half weeks doing almost nothing, just slacking around, playing with my phone and just being super unproductive.

But better late than never.

Step by step.