AS results

My AS results were satisfactory to me. I was pretty calm throughout the whole process for some reason,.. i wasnt really anxious at all. As much as i wanted to know how i did, somehow i knew in my heart i’d do decently, based on the amount of effort i put in during the exam period.

SO YES here it is.


I think this is the true definition of keeping your hopes low because if i really aimed for straight As i’d be really disappointed.

So yeah, im quite happy with it 🙂 I wasnt really expecting a B for Law though, since i was kinda expecting a C or something, and this gave me some reassurance of the course im studying. At one point i was really ready to give up, but this result made it clear that i should just continue.

An A for Business made me really happy because i actually spent alot of time making notes for it and i wasnt confident due to my performance that day 😦 but im glad the examiners accepted the essay 😀

No comments for Accounting.. its the subject i regret taking..

Soo after this would be pushing forward for A2 and hopefully getting a better grade for Law in the end 🙂 and maintain business. I would have to work harder for this..

Congratz to everyone as well 🙂



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