What now?

Here I am, blogging on a tuesday morning, woke up not long ago, just laying in bed, and sigh i wish my classes was a little less packed at times. I managed to skip business class this morning because i needed that extra rest.. Im currently in the midst of clearing up my flu. So yeah..

Anyway.. Its the 3rd week of January and i’ve been to Penang for the District Rotaract Conference, performed at my college’s grand convocation, stayed back in college until the skies were pitch black, went to outings with my family and right now im in the process of the 1st assessment of A2.

I guess these things that occupied my time really made time passed by faster, its not a bad thing really, since im eager to get over A-levels, but then again, thinking about it, you just wish time will stand still at times. Im not ready to grow up.

Ignoring some negative energy and glitches that happened at the start of 2014, this few weeks had been quite pleasant.

The Penang trip was simply amazing, though i was super reluctant at first, the people there were really friendly and i enjoyed my time there, my group managed to get 2nd place for the games which really made it a bonus for me. I met lots of new friends, and this really made me want to stay in Rotaract, but judging from my timetable, im still reconsidering.

Convocation was also good, it was a great experience, being able to perform on stage again, i had a small solo part haha and it was fun overall, we got to see new sides of alot of people, and yeah, the dressing up and makeup part was a new experience to me.

This assessment however, was terrible, i was NOT ready at all, and so far, law papers were over, leaving Accounting and Business for later this week, and surprise surprise, i got sick so conveniently that i decided not to sit for law papers. With my parents’ consent of course.

It was just a test, not even counted, even if i sat for the paper, my marks would be 100% single digit, so what for wasted those 3 hours. I just came home after accounting class at 2pm and straight away went to nap on til 7pm, at the same time curing my flu and fever. I couldnt get my brain to function for a test. No way.. not this time..

However, this assessment really made me realize that i need to step up on my studies, since soon it will be Chinese New Year, and then it would be like February, and just some classes then it would be like almost a month of study break and BOOM it will be May where A2 exams will start.

So thats really something i plan to work on, from now, especially after this week…

AS results will be coming out in a few days.. and im not really nervous to be honest.. I just hope i pass, and get through without any obstructions that could have been avoided. I know i tried my best, and i also hope for the best. I dont expect much, but i just hope it will be an average of B.. hopefully..

on a side note, accounting is really making me miserable.. though im doing Law, and this is another subject for my Alevels, it really makes my feel like im studying to be an accountant more.. which really sucks. Not sure if its because of the subject or lecturer emphasizing so much on it. Accounting is just not my thing.. and i quite regret taking this subject.

BUT i have to go on.. just a few more months and i will be free of it 😀 just 4 more months or so.. cant wait for that.

As of now, im just looking forward to the upcoming Chinese New Year, meeting up with high school buddies, perhaps better allowances for February,  AS results by the end of this week, studying hard for A2, and still reconsidering about continuing Rotaract.

Lets just hope it all goes well, GOTTA WORK!


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