Just an Update

Its been a few months since my last post. Time is really an issue here,  Its slipping out of my hands like running water. It feels like 2013 is still fresh, but look now, its already December. Everyone left and right feels the same, and at one point people cant help but sigh and say “ time flies”

Im bored of that statement but it’s the reality here.

I don’t feel as productive as I should be, but then again thinking back I was just so busy during the last few months, getting things done, homework , housework, studying furiously, AS exams and right after, CLASSES for the next semester.

There  really isn’t much time to myself, everyday it’s the same routine, things to be done, and by the end of the day it would be too late to do anything else.The days sometimes just gets so frustrating… But all in all, in the end, I hope it will be worth it.

This is college life. Mine to say the least.

Alright so for the past few months, heres what went on. Dating back to around July I started my driving lessons and I got my driver’s license in October. It was quite a struggle for me, and I had to resit for the exam..but in the end, I got it anyway.. phew all within the time frame before I had to renew the learner’s license, which was great.

There was Mock exams in August and September got pretty busy for me , since Revision classes were commencing, and also preparations for finals.

I joined the Rotaract Club of my college as the vice secretary because there was a slot and the board of directors were kind of in need of filling the slot. Since some of my friends were involved I decided to take up the position.

Thus, the Installation was held on the same month as well! And after that it was all preparing , studying and revising for the upcoming final law papers. It was downright tedious and surprisingly I was studying much more than I did for my SPM papers..

Anyway , Law papers ended in the beginning of October but WAIT the examination drags on all the way until beginning of November. 4 papers spread out more than a month. Thankfully, accounting papers ended earlier compared to the Literature students.

In between these times, my cousin Amily had a sleepover for a few days, and my room had a makeover as we finally got a bunkbed , which made me really happy.

Also, I finally got a smartphone which now allows me to communicate better with my peers and all. It’s a Sony Xperia L and I’ve been waiting for some time for it. FINALLY ITS HERE!

I found it really hard to concentrate after Law papers had ended, plus my new smartphone really kept me up so many nights and I just wouldn’t let it go and all… simply addicting.

In the end, the accounting and business papers were over as well, and I flew to Hong Kong for a few days right after  my exams ended for a family vacation. A wonderful experience I must say, except for the attitude of the people here and there, which were really really..well.. different. Not to my taste.

After coming back , there wasn’t much after that really, it was a few days of break and WOOP back to classes.. sadly.. I didn’t have it as bad as the Literature students though who had to start classes like 4 days after their last paper haha..

There was a Rotaract club project after that as well, Florence’s RAK project and the first Rotaract Club meeting, which went on pretty smoothly.

After that it was back to normal boring classes again and we were just getting sick of it. Day after day we yearn for a break and after a long year, we finally got our Christmas break, it lasts for about 10 days and this brings us to where we are right now.

Its going to be 2014 really soon and i feel miserable yet excited at the same time. Weird oxymoron feelings .. okay.. so yeah, part of me wants to move on quickly to finish my degree and all but part of me just dislikes the process and dreads to move on so quickly.

Anyways so that should be the update til December 2013 and i will come out with a new years resolution post really soon J

Till then, Im out!



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