SPM results + Piano Exam

This is an update of  my SPM results and Piano Exams that i went through in the past 2 months 🙂

SO i did not score my satisfactory target of 7/8As but i did score my expectant target of 6 instead. I was quite sad about it but at least i didnt get any Cs or Ds as my trials,So its quite good for me actually.I was aiming for my Add maths to score an A- and then i’ll get my 7th A but too bad.Its a B+

Considering my overall performance,i cant really complain,i mean i improved quite alot in terms of my average score,but i did not manage to score one more A to my satisfactory.Looking on the bright side,at least im better than many people right?And also i’ve tried my best. So for that I am grateful.


So i scored As for all my core subjects.and got B+s and Bs for my other 5 subjects.especially the Sciences.I kind of expected Biology to score an A- though but turns out to be a B+.Considering Bio quite hard to score,I should be happy i guess?

I guess my science subjects are inevitable since i was never a science person.

So Congratulations to me anyway.

Also, I want to congratulate all my friends,Good or Bad results,it doesnt matter,Now our life has just begun.No need to feel sad and dont be arrogant about it if its excellent because this paper doesnt determine your whole future.

For now,i wish everyone Good Luck in furthering their studies 🙂 and for those who are not planning to,Good luck in everything you’re pursuing,Life starts now.

I was quite depressed, i wouldnt lie, about the results, but after a week or two,i got over it.moving forward now!

So on April 24th,I went for my Piano exam retake.

I was really really nervous in the beginning and i screwed up a little in the beginning sections.ugghhh but after that,it mostly went smooth..

Hope i pass la.even if i dont ( hope not) i dont think i would retake it anymore.My schedule is PACKED and so is my piano teacher’s.

SInce now im done with piano exams for good,I just want to give a little shoutout to my piano teacher who has taught me and my sister for about 15 years 🙂 it was a long long journey and i know she knows us very well.

Thanks for everything,Miss Wendy! I grew up with you and you’d always listen to all our problems and advice us on them and also give cool ideas for food and etc.

So many memories with her,i will cherish them.



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