Next Chapter

Woop,it’s been a while yes i know.

Its almost the middle of May now.A lot of things has been going on these days and of course since my last blogpost.

I’d always always wanted to keep this blog updated and what not but all these distractions and of course i got a little busy here and there occasionally.

Since it’s already May,I can safely say that Im quite loving the life i have right now, as mentioned in my previous blog post, my real college life starts after April.

Yes i got my SPM results already, and I also went through my Piano Exams grade 8 retake.

So right now,im just doing the typical routines, going to college everyday and all that.To be honest im getting sick of the college routine, but I still have to go on with it.

Its a new chapter of my life now and i think i should rethink and set some goals to achieve.Not just going through the days day by day doing the same things.Life should be colourful,exciting,enjoyable,so why am i wasting my life away?I’m 18 this year, and being in this bubbly,adventurous,lively age, i should be using my time wisely and being productive and all that.I need to start pursuing something that i love.Gotta think hard bout it.shucks, i hate this feeling.

Sometimes i hate it when i slow down and start being unproductive ,all those plans i made to do after my piano exams,they’re just not being done.this has to stop.haha

So,being the unproductive lazy fart that i am right now,all i can say is i hope that it changes soon and yeah im excited to start this new chapter of my life but then again it has to be organized.

Many things to look forward to ahead,and i hope nothing gets in the way.

Good luck to me and GET ORGANIZED,Girl. Next chapter!



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