March is Suspenseful

Well,i know its been said over and over again,but i still cant believe we’re already in the middle of March.So anyway i just want to say that I really really dont like what Im feeling now.

Yes,i know life’s quite good right now for me.Im already in college,I know what’s my ambition,I’m a healthy relationship,my family relationships are great and much much more.the only thing missing now is knowing my SPM results and my piano exam.

SPM results will be released on the 21st of March,4 more days left from now.I know i tried my best for it,i know i studied my hardest but for some reason,im just scared it doesnt pay off.its like after 3 months since our SPM my confidence level dives into a deep deep hole and the hole gets deeper day after day. My target was 10 As in the beginning of the year.10 would be PERFECT for me.but now,it seems impossible.I think i should lower my expectations.10 is seriously not going to happen for me now.

As of now I would be satisfied if i get 6As and above.I pray i do.if i get more than that,i’ll still be thankful,it’ll be great 🙂 but for now,im not going to put my hopes too high.because when it falls,its going to hurt real bad. So for now,Target shall be set at 6-8,oohh please Buddha D: i hope it comes true,or even better.I dont expect much i just think for all i did i think i deserve to reach my target.Sometimes im just afraid that fate will slap me on the face and go NOPE NOPE YOU’RE JUST GONNA GET 3As or 4As BECAUSE YOU SUCK.AHH i wouldnt cry i hope.but i will sulk for a very very long time.

ahh just cant get my mind off it.I have to be calm.but HOW?D:

I mean the results are already there right?its already set.Just waiting to be released.Also,i have to keep reminding myself that its nothing to be stressed about right?even though the results are not a week or so,life will just go back to normal right?everyone would be busy in college,work,just back to LIFE.I have to keep comforting myself and take my Law Lecturer,Mr Daniel’s advice. lecturer didnt do well for his SPM and look at him now?living his life,earning well,living well.That’s what he told us,SPM is nothing.What’s important is your degree,dont screw that up,just because you do well in your SPM doesnt mean you’ll be successful.Because in the end we just want to earn well right?and live well.

“SPM did not help me in any way in the end.”-Mr Daniel.

So i shouldnt get so worked up even though i didnt do well right?of course.haha.All this self-comforting lol.

But i do think that’s the way to go.all i can do now is hope for 6 and above :O sighhh hope everything turns out well.And i guess my next post would be about my results.ahaha so it will either be a super emo sad post,or a happy post.we’ll just have to wait.

See this is what i dislike about these periods.its like so suspenseful waiting for the results of an important exam.ITS THE WORST.Therefore,i cannot WAIT for it to be over.i really cant.ITS SO CLOSE!

try not to cry,Kah Wei,maybe the results might not be what i wanted but it will bring me to somewhere in my life?just like how my UPSR results and PMR results did.i would have been totally different and mixed with totally different friends if i had scored full As for those 2 exams,i swear.

Good luck my fellow mates! ( thought luck is not required as the results are already set) siggh REVEAL YOURSELF!

Be strong Kah Wei! ;(

6 and above 6 and above!! D’:



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