This is Me

  Hello readers,let me introduce myself.My name’s Kah Wei 🙂 I’m 18 years old this year and I’m from Malaysia.Im currently doing my A-levels in a Law school,planning to get my Law degree and all.

 I’ve been blogging since i was 13 and i have a blogger account.I absolutely love blogging and i’m the kind of person that loves colour,art and being expressive.

I’m really emotional and I do sports too,volleyball was my passion when i was in high school and i love to find inspiration in everything i do and the people around me.I love trying new things and i have a thing for colourful things ;D

I’m open to any philosopher’s theories and I do love reading about different cultures,traditions,clothings and history.I’m not an expert in any of those fields but i do enjoy reading about them.

My goal in life is to make full use of my days on earth and make the best out of everything,I procrastinate aaaloottt but once in a while i’ll get the drive to be really productive and i wish to do that often 😀

So,hope you readers would enjoy my blog and yeah 😀 especially those that know me in real life hahah

Have a nice day!


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